Mother/Son Christmas Outfits

First of all, shopping for little boys' clothes is generally the pits!  Their section is small; there is no variety; and it is just plain boring!  Whenever I am looking at catalogs, sewing patterns, etc. there is always gobs of stuff in the children's section, but the majority of it is for girls.

Recently, I have been seeing quite a bit for mothers and daughters to dress similarly.  Now, I remember this when I was young, but maybe I notice it more now because I am a mom.  But there is nothing for mothers and sons!!

So, I decided to make use some coordinating mother and son outfits for Christmas.  I am making him a vest and myself a circle skirt from a piece of flannel.  If there is time and fabric, I will be making myself an infinity scarf as well from the scraps.
Here is the inspiration picture!

I just took the fabric out of the machine and it is not pressed, but here it is.  I liked it because it had quite a bit of blue!  My baby loves blue.  The pattern I am using for his vest is on top of it!

Finally, I will be making a petticoat to go beneath my skirt.  I have to find some tulle.  I will be looking for tutorials to help with these garments for this project.  I am so excited!!

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