Montessori Materials I Will Just Buy

Now, I have done several posts on how to make Montessori materials. I love to figure things out. This has been like a brain teaser or puzzle for me. I have enjoyed figuring how to make these materials and sharing it. I have more coming. Don't worry. I know the title of this post may make you think that I am quitting, but I am not. There are just a few materials that are not worth the trouble.

The first material that is not worth the trouble is the Knobbed Cylinders. Now I am sure this can be done with a scroll saw and a lot of patience. In fact, if you are willing to cut the base into two pieces and then cut the cylinders, it is perfectly doable, but this is just not worth it to me. It is too much work and if you don't get it perfect, the pieces won't fit together for the extension activities. I would just buy the Knobbed cylinders.

If I decide to use the bead materials, I would just buy them because to even calculate the necessary bead would be quite the daunting task and by the time I finish, my child would be grown. When you add in the time spent, the cost is just too high. Even so, buying the materials is quite expensive. As a teacher, I have yet to see much that can be done with the beads that couldn't be done with base ten blocks or some cuisenaire rods. If it really bothers you, you can paint the rods the Montessori colors and add lines every centimeter to simulate units. You could even go so far as to carve the lines into the plastic. If you insist on natural materials, wooden base ten tens rods, cut to the appropriate lengths and painted are another alternative to the expensive beads.

However, if you want to attempt to make them, be my guest.

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