DIY Mini Number Rods

Now, I have an excitable child in a small area. With a meter-long, inch-thick piece of hardwood, I just know he will bust something. So I decided, after looking at Montessori Outlet's Small Numerical Rods, that these were more suited to our small apartment life. Now, I did a tutorial on making DIY Montessori Number Rods and Red Rods, but I think I would rather have something smaller for my son. We just don't have the space. If you don't have the space either, or you are needing to make something more manageable, this is for you.

Let's just get down to business. Here is how Montessori Outlet describes the product, "2 sets of ten small wooden rods divided into units by alternating colors of red and blue. The rods are constant in height and width (1cm) while graduated in length from 2.5cm to 25cm." So, this is what I will be creating. Because the height and width are not a feature of this product, I will use half inch square dowels and just focus on proper lengths. I will be using pipe cutters to cut the dowels to their proper sizes. Furthermore, because 2.5 cm is so close to an inch (literally .98 inches), I will just use inches to measure my pieces.

You will need 4 half inch square dowels (36 inches long) for this project. Each costs less than $2. Two dowels will need to be cut into all lengths between one and eight inches. Each should accommodate the following sizes: 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, and 8, inches.
The last dowels should be cut into two of each, 9 and 10 inch sections.

Then paint them all red to make Red Rods or red and blue to make Number Rods, alternating one inch red and one inch blue.

The cost: less than $8+ paint
The cost from a Montessori supplier: $30

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