Buttonholes, Zippers, and Linings! Oh, my!

So today, I sewed my son's vest together.  It is working up to be quite cute.  I followed the Professor Pincushion tutorial, but it was just so difficult closing the vest.  It is a nightmare sewing such a small garment.  I thought to just finish the vest up by hand instead of trying to use the machine, but against my better judgement, I used the machine.  It turned out ok though.  I also used my 4 step buttonhole stitches on my machine.  I don't understand how exactly the foot works, but the buttonholes turned out pretty nicely as well. (Although, I did put them on the wrong side.  I get so confused. Smh!)

I also sewed my skirt together.  I put on a waistband and installed a zipper!  My first zipper!  It is not perfect, but it will hold my skirt up.  I think I will be adding a hook and eye at the top though.  It needs something.  (I wonder if I can take it off an old bra.)

All that I have left to do is sew the buttons on the baby's vest and hem my skirt.  Because parts of a circle skirt are on the bias, the skirt has to settle or fall or whatever it does.  In short, it needs to hang for about a week before it cut it even and hem it.  So it is hanging.

I plan to add the buttons on the vest tomorrow. I also plan to put the hook and eye in tomorrow.  Next week I will cut and hem the skirt.  I think I will look into making a tulle petticoat and just wear a slip under it so it doesn't cut my stockings up.

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