Beginning to Plan my Garden!

I want to begin looking into what I want in my garden!  I am considering several fruit trees, bushes, and perennial or self seeding vegetables and flowers.  I really don't want to have to do too much work to my garden.  I just want fresh produce.  Then I can have it, and even share it!

As far as my fruit trees, I want them all dwarfed and/or multigrafted.  I haven't exactly decided.  I want to eat fruit all summer so different varieties of each would be nice; however, it is unlikely that I will have that kind of space.  So dwarf trees or multigrafting are ideal.  Multigrafting is also desirable for those fruits that require cross pollination.  With them being on the same tree, there is no chance they won't get that cross pollination.

So, here are some resources that I intend to consult.

The Midwest fruit production guide from Purdue: (I am no linking directly to theirs because sometimes links go bad.)

Here is a forum post on where to get multi-grafted (fruit cocktail) trees.  (They say Meijer!)

Here is a great resource comparing different fruits.  They sell as well, but I will probably not buy from them.  I don't really want to do mail order, but if I do order my plants, I want them sourced as locally as possible (at least in state and no more than two states over).

Now, I love our traditional annual vegetables, but I really prefer to garden by subtraction than doing all that tilling, planting, etc.  While I do intend to plant annuals, I have a strong preference for perennials.  I will be planting the ones that are unfamiliar in pots first so that I can taste them.  If I like them, I will plant these perennials or self sowing veggies in the ground so that I can have them forever. 

Here are resources that I plan to consult regarding these.

Here are some additional resources.

This one is a database of plants, their uses, etc.  It is called Plants for a Future:

Here are some trees that won't do well in Michigan, where I plan to buy a house:

FYI, I don't even have my house yet, but thinking about my garden makes me happy!

Additional Resources
CRMPI 20 Year Old Food Forest:

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