Simplest Spaghetti Sauce Ever!

My grandma used to make spaghetti whenever we had friends over.  I used to think that she made it because my friends and I liked it, but as an adult, I figured out the TRUTH!!

Grandma made spaghetti because it was easy and cheap!  Now this recipe is not unhealthy or healthy.  In fact, it really isn't too much of a recipe.  It is just a round about way I go about making a sweet spaghetti sauce. (And know that it is a fairly sweet recipe, even without the sugar.)

Dice or mince half an onion and half a bell pepper.  Put them in a pan and cook them until soft. You can caramelize or whatever they do on cooking shows, but my main purpose is that I don't have crunchy spaghetti.  When I am in a hurry, I sometimes even boil them.  Pour off excess water if you want.

Next, add a pound of ground beef (or two if you like) and brown it, chopping it as you go so that you have loosemeat. 

Then, add one jar of spaghetti sauce. I like traditional and usually buy the cheapest thing on the shelf, but I have used others (mostly by mistake), but enjoyed my spaghetti just the same!  

Finally, add about a quarter cup of sugar (maybe a bit more). You can also choose to omit this step if you would like. Sometimes, I forget.

*****Note:  You can add anything you want to this sauce. I have added the following to my sauce on various occasions: carrots, celery, mushrooms, and probably other stuff I can't actually think of at the time of this post.  (Oh! Garlic and cheese!)

*****Another note: I have also subsituted turkey burger, loose soy burger, and Italian sausage for the ground beef.

*****The last note, I promise: Sometimes, I don't get my veggies soft before I add the meat.  On these occasions, I just let them cook in the sauce a bit longer.

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