Coffees and Teas

Starbucks White Choclolate Mocha

Starbucks Hot Chocolate

Russian Tea

McDonald's Vanilla Iced Coffee

FYI, Walmart sells two white chocolate syrups in my area: Davinci Gourmet White Chocolate Syrup and Torani White Chocolate Syrup.  Also can use th double boiler with milk to make your white chocolate flavor as well.

Below are recipes for syrups:
This is for chocolate syrup, but I am sure it can be modified to be white chocolate.  May have to play with it though.

And this is vanilla syrup just for coffee:

Or better yet! I found a link to several copycat recipes for Starbucks syrups:

The real reason that I compiled this list is because I like flavored coffees, but Starbucks coffees are not in my budget, and McDonalds won't make them caffeine free for me.  

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