How to Trace a Sewing Pattern

If you haven't noticed already, my blog sort of serves and my own personal notebook. It is full of things that I need to know or links that I find useful.  

Today, I am considering how to trace patterns.  I need to do this for a few reasons.  First of all, I have a need to do a full bust adjustment on all my patterns.  Second, I have a suit pattern for my son that I intend to use several times.  As a toddler, he grows quite quickly, meaning that I will need to use multiple sizes.  I refuse to buy the pattern over and over, and I caught the dickens trying to find that suit pattern anyways.  Finally, I don't like plus sized patterns.  The selection is too limited so I will need to grade the patterns up.  Using patterns means cutting patterns, generally.  I want to preserve them the best I can for future use so I will be looking to find a way to keep from cutting my original pattern.

So I was looking and I found a tutorial on tracing patterns:

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