My Toddler Cooked the Broccoli

All I had to do was put it on the stove. So what happened?

He climbed up to the table in his booster seat after having washed his hands. I put the pot on the table and cut open the bag of frozen broccoli. He poured some in the pot and put some in with his hands. Then the two creamers from his Montessori pouring work were filled with water and he poured the water into the pot without spilling a drop.

Not only did my baby make the broccoli, he also ate three servings!

DIY tip: I use cookie sheets instead of trays and porcelain coffee creamers (which I got at the Goodwill for 50 cent). They aren't identical, but they serve the purpose. You can also find old fashioned milk bottles sometimes too to add variation to the pouring. My son has been pouring since about 18 months. We used Cheerios. We didn't use water too much but he has the skill.

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