Taking the Fun Out of School May Increase Risk of Dementia or Dance Away Demencia

I recently discovered something called short termism. Cutting fun from school seems to be linked to developing dementia. Complete academics at the expense of music, dance, and games seems to be a bit short sighted.

According to several studies, creativity is the best protection against dementia. A 2003 study in the New England Journal of Medicine indicated that senior citizens who particpated frequently in playing board games, dancing and playing musical instruments. I have provided the table from the study below. When reading the chart, the lower that hazard ratio for frequent participation (the bottom number on each activity in the third column), the better.

Here is a basic breakdown from Richard Powers, a dance teacher at Stanford University. He also takes the time to explain the types of dance that are most beneficial. Apparently, the benefits are attributed to the amount of thinking required by the activity so improvisational and social dancing that require creativity and thinking prove to be the most beneficial.

So turn up the music and dance!

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