Day 5: Still Didn't Finish, But Got to 2 Miles B4 Break/Week inReview/On Maintenance

I was so tired this morning. It is like all this exercise is catching up with me. I don't know if it is possible to have this fatigue back up. Just two days ago, I was almost finishing the tape, but these last two days I have been struggling to get to the 2/3 mark. But I do have to be mindful that on Tuesday, I could not finish a third of the tape before a break and could not get to the 2/3 mark at all.

Today I made it to the 2/3 mark without any real break and my arms were just hurting too much to continue.

I just need some rest. Tomorrow, rest!

On another note, I have been thinking about maintenance, especially when I go back to work. (You love how I have already claimed my success because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.) I think that I will do crunches on a towel and squats at work. (Neither of these will make me sweat. And I could add weights to the squats to add intensity as I get more fit.) This is in addition to the cardio that i intend to do on the I treadmill. 40 minutes of running uphill should keep me pretty healthy. I could get a decent treadmill for my home off Craigslist for a couple hundred dollars.

I also think that I want to learn to swim. That is a great total body workout. I will do it the first summer after I go back to work. They have all women's classes in my community (I think because of the high Arab population. They are a very modest people.)

Now, I just need to know how to style my hair because I look a mess right now. All the way fro-ed out! I am going to look up natural protective styles and tomorrow I will wash and style my hair instead of working out.

But don't show nobody this pic tho!

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