Chick-Fil-A Copycat Recipe

Now this recipe is pretty good, but check out the link below.

Even if you do choose to use the simple version of the recipe, don't forget to butter your bun and toast it!

Here is a healthier version as well:

What I really determined is that the chicken should be soaked in a brine overnight.  Pickle juice is what they use at Chick Fil A, and if you want grilled chicken, it can go onto the grill straight out of the brine.

I also enjoyed a certain salad from Chick Fil A. The Chargrilled Chicken and Fruit Salad was my go to!  But they discontinued it so I will be looking to recreate it at home.  It really seemed like grilled chicken and a fruit cup dumped atop a regular garden salad which includes romaine and iceberg lettuce with Monterrey Jack and cheddar cheeses, carrots and red cabbage.  It was topped with a light Berry Balsamic Vinaigrette, granola, honey roasted sunflower seeds, and garlic butter croutons.   

They have replaced it with the Grilled Market Salad.  I have not tried it, but here is their description from the Chick Fil A website. "Grilled and sliced chicken breast served on a fresh bed of chopped Romaine lettuce and baby greens, topped with shredded red cabbage and carrots, crumbled blue cheese and a mix of red and green apples, strawberries and blueberries. Made fresh daily. Served with Harvest Nut Granola, Roasted Nut Blend and Zesty Apple Cider Vinaigrette (or guest’s choice of dressing)."

They also have an Asian Salad now.  I read it tastes good.  Chick Fil A describes it, saying, "Chick-fil-A® Nuggets, pressure-cooked, sliced and served hot on a fresh bed of chopped Romaine lettuce and baby greens, topped with shredded red and green cabbage, carrots and mandarin orange segments. Made fresh daily. Served with Honey Thai Almonds, Chinese Garlic & Ginger Wontons and Honey Sesame dressing (or guest's choice of dressing)." I was able to find where someone replicated it at home for a fraction of the cost using Kraft Asian Sesame Dressing.

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